CRETA at DH 2017

CRETA will be present at the DH conference 2017 with a number of activities:

  • We will give a tutorial on the extraction of networks from texts, using entity reference annotation and segmentation annotation (From Texts to Networks: Combining Entity and Segment Annotations in the Analysis of Large Text Corpora. The tutorial takes place on Tuesday, 8th, from 9:30am to 1pm. Responsible are Nils Reiter, Sandra Murr and Max Overbeck. The tutorial will also be supported by Evgeny Kim.
  • On Wednesday, 9th of August, Evgeny Kim will present his paper on the Prototypical Emotion Developments in Adventures, Romances, and Mystery Stories, which is co-authored by Roman Klinger and Sebastian Padó. The presentation takes place in session LP-04, 10am.
  • Markus John will present his paper on Interactive Visual Exploration of the Regesta Imperii on the same day, in session SP-10, 3:30pm. The paper is co-authored with Christian Richter, Steffen Koch, Andreas Kuczera and Thomas Ertl.
  • On Thursday, 10th of August, Sandra Murr will present her and Florian Barth’s work on Digital Analysis Of The Literary Reception Of J.W. V. Goethe’s Die Leiden Des Jungen Werthers. The presentation takes in place in session SP-17, starting 10:00am.
  • In session SP-28, Nils Reiter and Evelyn Gius will present their initiative on shared tasks in the digital humanities, focusing on the annotation of narrative levels (A Shared Task for a Shared Goal: Systematic Annotation of Literary Texts). The paper (and the initiative) is co-authored by Marcus Willand and Jannick Strötgen. More information on this topic can be found on the initiative’s web page:

We’re looking forward to discussing our research in Canada!